PhD students of Cycle 34

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Scholarship Mobility

Pini Stefano(email)

Prof. Rita CucchiaraComputer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for Automotive applicationsX

Pollastri Federico(email)

Prof. Costantino GranaDeep learning techniques for skin lesion analysis and automated diagnosis systemsX

Rollo Federica(email)

Prof. Laura PoBig Data Analytics in a Sustainable Smart City

Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

Name Tutor Research Topic Scholarship Mobility

Brandalise Denis(email)

Prof. Luca SelmiSimulation and Characterization of Massively Parallel Electronic Sensing Nano-Devices for the Internet of Things / Internet of HealthX

Pintori Luca(email)

Prof. Luigi RovatiNew sensors and electronics for optimal air/gas ratio control for future gas appliances

Zanotti Tommaso(email)

Prof. Francesco Maria PuglisiInnovative Architectures for Low-Power Computing and ApplicationsX

Industrial applications of ICT

Name Tutor Research Topic Scholarship Mobility

Porrello Angelo(email)

Prof. Simone CalderaraStructured deep learning techniques and application for the future farm - Grant by farm4tradeX

Del Negro Ercole(email)

Prof. Simone CalderaraDeep learning deployment in the future farm - Grant by farm4tradeX

Tomei Matteo(email)

Prof. Rita CucchiaraMultimedia and Deep Learning technologies for Video Understanding - Grant by MetaliquidX

Tebaldi Davide(email)
(dottorando del dottorato "Enzo Ferrari" in Industrial and Environmental Engineering- scuola E4E)

Prof. Laura GiarrèModeling and Control of Mechatronic SystemsX

Alsini Mario(email)

Prof. Sonia BergamaschiArtificial Conversational Entity (Chatbot)

Landi Federico(email)

Prof. Rita CucchiaraMultimedia Data Learning: Processing, Understanding, Retrieval by new Deep Learning paradigmsX