PhD students of Cycle 26

Computer Engineering and Science Curriculum

NameTutorResearch TopicProfile/NotesInternat.

Coppi Dalia(email)

Prof. R. CucchiaraDownload

Carafoli Luca(email)

Prof. F. MandreoliDownload

Fornaciari Michele(email)

Prof. A. PratiDevelopment of techniques of image processing for pattern recognition and artificial intelligence for sensor networks with applications to security in construction working sitesDownload

Interlandi Matteo(email)

Prof. S. BergamaschiDesign of a Platform for Retrieving, Managing and Sharing Collective KnowledgeDownload

Octavian Olaru Marius(email)

Prof. M. VinciniOn demand business intelligenceDownload

Pietri Marcello(email)

Prof. M. ColajanniWireless embedded solutionsDownload

Tosi Stefania(email)

Prof. M. ColajanniSelf-adaptive solutions for high quality web-based services of the futureDownload

Electronics and Telecommunications Curriculum

NameTutorResearch TopicProfile/NotesInternat.

Fiorani Matteo(email)

Prof. M. CasoniDownload

Gianaroli Fabio(email)

Prof. G. VitettaCommunication techniques and devices for home automation networks and smart gridsDownload

Magnani Alessandro(email)

Prof. M. BorgarinoDesign of Integrated Phase Locked Loop for Digital Video Broadcasting ApplicationsDownload

Shahram Mohammad Poor*

Prof. L. RovatiDevelopment of fast optical sensors for the monitoring of biological, industrial and environmental parameters, through innovative materials formulationsDownload

Industrial applications of ICT

NameTutorResearch TopicProfile/NotesInternat.